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Welcome to Adirondack Industries

Adirondack Industries has been a family owned business for 40 years. Victor E. Kyarsgaard started out landscaping in Bethpage, Long Island and moved up north to Lake Luzerne, NY in 1969. There he started an excavating company called Kyarsgaard Contracting. Then in 1990 our contracting services changed name to Adirondack Industries Construction company.

How It All Got Started

"A farmer with heavy equipment"

That’s how it all began. In 1936 Victor E. Kyarsgaard was born in Sabula, Iowa. The family livelihood was in agriculture and as a youngster he has his share of responsibilities on the family farm.

In 1954 he moved to Brooklyn, New York to participate in volunteer work. While there he met his wife Mary and moved to Bethpage, Long Island. With his agricultural background and education in horticulture at Farmingdale University, he started a landscaping company. In 1969, he moved to Lake Luzerne with his wife and three sons. Upon moving upstate he started a small excavating company. After school each of his three boys pursued a different course – Stephen worked in a body shop and then building homes, Paul worked as a residential electrician and Matthew worked as a boat mechanic. However, within a few years the boys returned to their roots. With their broader knowledge and experience, they teamed up with Victor and eventually incorporated in 1994 and took Victor’s small excavating business to what it is today.

In 2005 Victor retired. Currently Stephen serves as president, Matt as vice-president and Paul as secretary and treasurer. They have been in business for over forty years now – which is a testimony in itself.